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Lawford Heath Logistics offers a range of services listed below. Unless stated otherwise, all transport is for both hazardous and non-hazardous. All transport of dangerous goods is fully compliant to Carriage of Dangerous Goods (etc.) Regulations, we have fully trained, highly experienced and licensed ADR drivers, as well as non-licensed drivers. We will organise all vehicle markings and information, all we require is a Dangerous Goods Note, which we can organise if required.

We will endeavour to meet all your special requirements such as time specific deliveries, tail lift, call before delivery etc.

Door to Door
We can pick-up small to full loads for direct delivery from your site to a customer, next day delivery or otherwise.

We can pick goods from various depots for redistribution through our warehouse to various end users, next day delivery or otherwise.

We have two warehouse units to store a wide range of goods for any length of time. All storage is safe as the site is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by estate security and goods are stored inside the locked warehouses. We have a fully bunded warehouse for storage of environmentally hazardous substances

Order preparation / Picking
Palletised goods can be stored in our warehouses and broken down for call-off at customer request for direct shipping to end user, next day delivery or otherwise.

Container loading / unloading
Can safely load and unload containers using on-site forklift ramps. This is useful if your site lacks the facilities for safe loading and unloading of containers.

Tanker transport
We can transport liquid goods by tank container. This is restricted to non-hazardous goods at non-elevated temperatures or pressure.

Bulk unloading
We can unload bulk deliveries of chemicals from tanker into IBCs and subsequent distribution or further repacking into smaller packaging.


We are able to manage the following*:

Class 3 Class 4.1 Class 4.2 Class 4.3
Class 3 Class 4.1 Class 4.2 Class 4.3
Class 5.1 Class 5.2 Class 6 Class 8
Class 5.1 Class 5.2 Class 6.1 Class 8
Class 9
Class 9

*subject to some restrictions, please enquire

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